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SAI-BR operates in the segment of commercialization of materials and equipment, projects, development and provision of industrial automation services in different areas of the industry.

IHM industria
linha de montagem automotiva

Industrial automation

  • Process Studies and Project Feasibility;

  • Survey of Installed Base and Upgrade Solutions;

  • PLC programming;

  • Architecture, Installation and Commissioning of Industrial Networks (Profibus, Profinet, Interbus, AS-i, DH+, ControlNet, DeviceNet, Ethernet);

  • HMI Design and Settings;

  • Design and Configurations of Supervisors;

  • Production/Maintenance Control Systems (OEE, Historians, Asset Management);

  • Installation and Parameterization of Inverters;

  • Projects and Traceability Systems by Vision, Bar Codes and RFID;

  • Adaptation Projects to NR-12;

  • Solutions for Industry 4.0

  • Robot programming;

  • Commissioning;

  • Startup.

serviço de manutenção industrial
healey sistemas de prenveção combate a incendios
Gráfico Fabricação Industrial

Materials and Equipment

  • Always use the newest on the world market.

  • Partnership with companies around the world:

>  Technical Assistance in Electrical and Pneumatic Equipment;
>  Representation HEALEY – Fire Prevention and Fighting Systems;
>  Representation INDUSTRA GmbH;
>  Direct importation.

Industrial Services

  • Works with specialists in the area of Maintenance Planning and Control (PCM);

  • Conducts studies based on audits and assessments of the current situation.

  • Respects the policy and form of management of each client;

  • Develops the efficiency of the maintenance team through metrics (KPI's, BSC's and Business Plan).

  • Focus on results.

Engenheira de Automação

Safety standards for machines and equipments

  • If necessary, we at SAI-BR have a specialized team to adapt the machines and equipment of the industries to the safety standards of each country in which we carry out projects.

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