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AI (Artificial

Artificial Intelligence, or just as AI (or AI, for artificial intelligence) is a technological advance that allows systems to simulate human-like intelligence — going beyond programming specific orders to make decisions autonomously, based on huge patterns. databases (Big Data).

Big Data

Big data is a term that describes the sheer volume of data — both structured and unstructured — that overwhelms businesses on a daily basis. But it's not the amount of data available that matters; it's what organizations do with them. Big data can be analyzed to gain insights that lead to better decisions and strategic business actions.

IoT (Internet of Things)

In a very simple way, Internet of Things is the way physical objects are connected and communicating with each other and with the user, through intelligent sensors and software that transmit data to a network. As if it were a large nervous system that allows the exchange of information between two or more points. The result of this is a smarter and more responsive planet. Now we can better understand how these things work, and how they work together to better serve us.

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